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Why use Collection Lawyers?

Why use Collection Lawyers? With over 25 years of experience, we know how to collect   1.Collection Lawyers is a California collection litigation law firm with over
25 years of experience.

   2. Collection Lawyers lets you skip the collection agencies. Cut out the middleman and have experienced and effective collection lawyers collecting for you.

   3. Collection Lawyers has in-house collectors, so collection can be fast and does not always require lawsuits. Debtors are contacted by a law firm.

   4. Collection Lawyers knows how to evaluate cases to maximize recovery.

   5. Collection Lawyers knows how to get debtors to respond.

   6. Collection Lawyers allows you to use one collection law firm for all of your collection and litigation matters throughout the State of California.

    7. Collection Lawyers can provide instant updated computer status reports to its clients on all of their collection and litigation matters.

   8.  Collection Lawyers has the resources to find assets and collect judgments in the State of California, even if the original judgment is from another state.

   9.  Collection Lawyers represents businesses, corporations, and governmental entities and has toll free telephone and fax numbers for your convenience.

   10. Collection Lawyers can start collecting for you NOW!


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