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Debt Buyers

We have been collecting and litigating claims
for debt buyers in California for over 25 years.

We are " of the top performing firms ..."

Collection Lawyers is an experienced and effective California collection litigation law firm. With over 25 years of solid collection experience, we know how to be quicker and more efficient. Even in the worst recession in decades, we frequently exceed our clients' collection goals.

Collection Lawyers is an excellent way to collect debt portfolios. We can score each portfolio, determine for which debtors it makes economic sense to incur court and related costs, and SUE THEM NOW! We are very aware of the financial exigencies inherent in collection of purchased debt in the State of California. Why waste money suing accounts where the probability of collection is low? The classic 80-20 rule still applies: you collect 80% of your money from 20% of the portfolio.


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